Why, oh why can't I =====>
do something about that nasty font and color??  <sadness...>

This is not my first time making a webpage...but I'm too busy to spend all that time and effort personalizing...hm...I wonder how many people out there use this layout??  Drafting supplies...architecture...

No, I am not "married" to architecture.  I'm not "married" to anything or anyone at the moment...so I'm a bachelorette in many more ways than one.  But...I'm starting to decide what I would like to weave into my life and my identity, permanently.  It's about time I settle down anyway.

Past relationships: RPG's, anime, studying, wrecklessness, Greek mythology, Hwarang-Do, watching movies I don't really care for but do so for the hell of it, not having/feeling purpose in life.

Current relationships: hanging out with older and wiser people (like Jamie and Siti), AIAS, Filipino American studies, PASA, Filipino heritage related things, past friends (Kristina and Theresa)