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The purpose of a blog...what is a blog if not to a place to write down your most secret secrets and precious memories for other people, the public to exploit, ridicule, and abuse?  True, true, I'd rather be writing in a journal...but maybe not all people read blogs to exploit, ridicule and abuse...

So I'm writing, I guess for selfish people can see a peak into another world, another life.  If they like it, fine.  If they don't, fine.  Just don't go e-mailing me about this stuff (=  In the future though...I will have more time to learn java and maybe we can have a discussion board going??  Hehe, just a thought.  For all those intellectuals with the fetish for answering the questions Why?  Who am I?

Hm...ok, my speech for positions as Secretary of PASA (Philippine American Student Association)  or rough draft: whatever...

"It would be an honor for  me to serve as secretary of PASA for the year 2003 because I'm really interested in this club, and in the past, I wish I had participated more, so I wanna make up for all the meetings I've missed.  Through my service, I can't hope to accomplish anything but be supportive and get my duties done for PASA. "

Eh...not many words...too lenghty...too formal...

"Hi everyone.  I'm Florence, but you can find me a shorter nickname  ^.^  I'd really like to get more involved with PASA, so I decided to run for secretary.  I can't guarantee too much except to help the next executive board to enlighten and unite  some members of the Filipino community out there, and though I haven't been a regular at meetings, I'm aware of what position as secretary means, and so I'm making sure I dont' have too much to do next semester (="


"Hi.  I'm Florence.  I'd really like to get more involved with PASA so I decided to run for secretary.  I can only guarantee that I'll be totally supportive of the next executive board, and even though I haven't been a regular, I'm going to take less classes next semester to change that."

Now I gotta go and drop and add a couple classes.... ^.^

Green Banana: Square One