Oh yeah, Sophisticated Finishes only work when it is humid!!!  Why can't they write that on the bottle??!!

Well, my good friend was smart enough to figure it out (=

Eh...maybe with Matt, it was only a fascination.  It's not cool just talking and stuff on IM all the time, especially with me.  I get deep and too philosophical, and he's not the type to indulge me with world views and philosophy and metaphysics.  I can't ask him the question I really want to ask him: what do you think about religion?  What do you think about God, and afterlife and death and stuff like that?  I try, but he evades me.  That's why sometimes, I think he's too American for me.  American's don't think much, or at least the ones I hang out with don't wanna think much.  I wonder why that is?  

And I do have higher standards, higher expectations...I'm thinking of hiring a maid, I'm thinking of participating in design competitions: I'm going to be an architect no matter what it costs!!!  It's my life's dream, my goal!!!  I'm a career woman, not some housechick (though that would be nice also)  I'm actually a high maintenance gal.  Geez, and all this time, I've been thinking I'm low-maintenance.   

Matt and I are going to end up fighting a lot...hm...should I go to class today or not?  Should I instead pull another all nighter?  Hm... I wanna be done with everything by today.  And I mean everything!  The whole 1/4 Model and set model...I have to draw and draft too...

|^|  I hate that line!   Well, I should stop complaining.