Hi all, been away for four days...geez, only four days??!!!

Architectures stuff ^.^  

Rust: Sophisticated Finishes??

Ace Hardware Rust Kit??

Conte Crayon...eh it's ok

Real rusting...too much time, money and effort

paint?  Too shiny

Glass: plexi or acetate
Can get acetate thin and cheap if you buy a poster with it at Walmart (comes as protective cover for poster)

Corten steel: dry wall sandpaper

Concrete: Polyurethane + spackle.
Polyurethane it first then spread spackle all over (best with tissue crumpled up or fingers or even drywall sandpaper...wait, does that mean sand paper would work??

apply spackle while wet or until chipboard soaks it up??  I don't know...I think my polyurethane is yellowish...is that right?  What about shellac?  I don't know... Why can't we just keep the chip board chip board??  Geez!