New layout!  Well, I just picked Willow.  The architecture stuff was getting kinda old.  Besides, I'm not "married" to it yet!  I still have to get into upperdivision...and if I don't get in, I'll just have to settle as being an urban planner (or a nobody)  It's ok, my mind's prepared to become a nobody in a world full of nobodies.  As long as I design, it's all good.

Ah, but it'd be nice to have the time and pleasure to apply to another school of architecture, one more lenient--I don't know of the parents would be willing to pay all those expenses though, and think of the cost opportunity!!!  If I have to go through extra years in school, that's going to cost me money I shoudl be earning during those extra years in school.  

Sad, but true: to realize one's ideals, one must have money.  Then let my ideals just be ideals and screw money!  I'm not money's bitch!