Muahahaha!  Isn't this page crap!  Lookie how many freakin' ads are on it!!!

Anyways, the lay out is great!  (I'm being sarcastic)

...Ahhh, I'll stop beating myself up and become hopeful that eventually, I'll learn really neato stuff from all my web gurus (hehehehe)

making webpages are fun.  It's kinda relaxing, actually.  A minibreak from architecture crap!  Second year is hell!  I find my age catching up with me in sooo many little ways, like I get tired more often, I'm slower, my work is getting worst...dunno what's up...the stress, the bending badass stress...<Stress is good young' un, but it takes an older and maturer person to know what to do with it and put it to efficient use>  Shut up!  I'm still a kid!  I'll grow up...just you wait and see..<...>  ... ... ...