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I finally figured out where the Christmas bells came from.  They come from the crane.  The crane towering the tallest buildings on ASU.  They also played Christmas music at strange times...seems whenever the construction worker people feel like it, they hit the button, and sometimes they play Jingle Bells, or Winter Wonderland, or I'll be Home For Christmas.  It's fun stuff.

Well, this shall be my last blog...I think.  You won't be seeing me for a while, so any last words?

I changed my background screen to The Last Judgement by Wasily Kandinsky.  Akio-san hanging upside down in a rope of roses was getting kind of old.

Gackt C. Story is a really nice song...although I have to agree with the comment my friend made about Gackt's Vanilla: "He's a really dirty boy!"

I made a promise to Ozzie, and I'm going to keep it if it's the last thing I do!!!

I downloaded a bunch of software...hehehe, time to play around!

I finished my packing hours ago, but Uncle's coming at Seven, and it's only Five I have plenty of time to goof off ^.^  I'd like to go to Borders...but I lost my keys and I'm scared they're going to lock me out of my own dorm!  

<Ok, that's long enough!>

Green Banana: Square One