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(=  Friday.  Saturday.  Sunday.  Monday: four hours of sleep total.  I'm not seeing things yet.  I'm disappointed.  Maybe I'm suppose to starve simultaneously and I've been pretty good about eating, though I skip lunch.  The day starts to trip out.

I read some of  It made my day.  Made me keep thinking about Matt forever...and now we're both online, though not talking, but feelings, it's all good.  I'm soooo sleepy.  I don't even know why I went online, but I just had to see him (=  I didn't say much today.  Just a hello and bye bye.  Didn't feel like talking, just hanging and being...

Geez, i wish he were here now.  I still love him.  Nathan knows because I think he heard me talk to Nicole about it.  It's ironic; I know now that Nathan knows the most about who I am currently...I wihs for Matt though because...

We talked last Saturday, and it was great because he opened up somewhat to me, and I realized that I finally understood his point of view!  He just said that he didn't like going to weddings, even friend's weddings because he doesn't feel like he's the right age to ge married.  Well, I also have commitment problems sooo...

We can finally understood one another, I finally saw it his way, as to why he flirted with me but kept his distance at the same time and it was great!  I was happy and impressed, I was really really really really pleased (=  I consider myself now as emotionally mature as he is in understanding stuff and such.  

Nicole is new best friend.  I think I've found my new roommate for next year (=  I love chocolate Mousse!  TIta Louie and her family brought me out to dinner today for my B-day, which surprised me because it was more than a month ago and it was really really sweet of them to remember, and still treat me anyways ^.^  Such is family and stuff (=

Hm...I didn't communicate at all this  morning!  Maybe, I should waid till next tomorrow morning to say hi (=  Anyways....I don't think I should go online when I'm too tired to even converse, but I just wanted to say hi anyways (=  Just for saying hi.  Hi hi hi!

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